Czech Republic Preparing a Rapid Employment Program for Ukrainians

The Czech Republic’s Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Jaroslava Němcová, stated that the ministry is planning to significantly accelerate the employment of Ukrainians through a special program.

According to Němcová, the number of job vacancies in the Czech Republic has reached a record high at over 260,000. The jobs on this list include positions for nurses, social workers, technical workers and construction workers.

The Minister visited the Czech Embassy in Ukraine and the Consulate General in Lviv in order to simplify and accelerate the procedure to obtain a work permit for Ukrainians. The plan is to increase the number of workers from Ukraine with the right to two years of employment. The goal is to employ 19,600 people using this route.

“Now 374,000 foreigners are working in the Czech Republic, and 280,000 of them are EU citizens, and 94,000 are citizens from other European countries and Asia,” the news outlet reports. “70,000 of these people are Ukrainians.”

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