Czech Republic Now Open For American Tourists

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As of June 21st, the Czech Republic is open for American tourists.

After a year, the European Union has advised its member nations to reopen their borders for Americans, and citizens from a few other countries.

On June 21st the United States officially joins the list of ‘Green Countries’ that are allowed into the country. This follows Foreign Minister Jakub Kulhanek’s recent announcement on Twitter.

Kulhanek stated that Americans will be allowed to visit the Czech Republic for any reason, including tourism.

Besides the United States, five other countries were added to the green list on the same day. These include Albania, Hong Kong, Lebanon, North Macedonia, and Taiwan.

The European Union still needs to decide what vaccination certificates are acceptable for entry into their respective countries.

America uses the same vaccines as the EU. Therefore, the clarification of acceptable certificates from Americans should be easy to determine.

In pre-pandemic 2019, Americans were fifth place for tourism with overnight stays. In fact, Americans accounted for 1.4 million overnight stays that year out of the overall 27.2 million overnight stays.

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