“Pay or There’ll be No Stars.” Czech Republic May Lose its Michelin Restaurants

The Czech Republic could lose Michelin-starred restaurants, as individual countries must now pay Michelin a fee of CZK 10 million over three years.

Michelin, which has been publishing the guide since 1900, plans to contract with state agencies to help finance it.

In the Czech Republic, the agency is CzechTourism, but the final decision on whether the state will pay the amount rests with the Ministry of Regional Development.

“It is in the interest of the organisations that the guide stays in the Czech Republic. Of course, we as an agency advocate to support gastronomy, but I cannot say anything else at this moment,” Jan Herget, director of CzechTourism.

The Ministry of Regional Development is still evaluating the situation and will consult the fee with other ministries, added Petr Waleczko, deputy head of communications and PR manager of the cabinet of the Minister of Regional Development.

Most countries, such as Hungary and Slovenia, have already signed the agreements, but the Czech Republic is still hesitating.

The Czech Republic now has two restaurants with one Michelin star – Field and La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise. Michelin has not yet issued a recommendation for the Czech Republic for last year, as this year’s would also be subject to a fee, according to the site.

The first time Prague was awarded a Michelin star was in 2008, when the restaurant Allegro at the Four Seasons Hotel and its chef Andrea Accordi were awarded the star.

In 2009, Maze, the restaurant at the Hilton Hotel by the famous British chef Gordon Ramsay, also received a star, but it closed before the award was announced.

Alcron held the star since 2012 before losing it in 2018. In total, five Prague restaurants have so far received the star.

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