Czech Republic Increases Quote for Ukrainian Guest Workers

The Czech Republic increased the quota for Ukrainian guest workers from 19.600 up to 40.000 people as CTK reported.

The republic reduced the number of programs on the recruitment of the foreign workers from six to three: for scientific staff and representatives of other key fields, highly qualified and qualified workers. However, the programs do not provide the involvement of unqualified workers.

The government of the state establishes annual quotas for the states: 40.000 for Ukraine, 2.000 for Serbia and Montenegro, 1.000 for the Philippines, Mongolia and Moldavia, 600 for India and 300 for Kazakhstan.

“In 2018, 23.000 workers for 1.100 companies were recruited,” Czech Premier Andrej Babis said.

According to the Interior Ministry of the Czech Republic, the employer of the state are interested in the Ukrainians most of all due to their language and cultural proximity, so the quota was increased in few times.

As we reported the Czech Police on Foreigners detained 4,992 illegal migrants in 2018, most of whom were citizens of Ukraine.

Besides, the Ukrainian population may reduce by 18% by 2050 and reach number mark of 36 million people due to the labor migration.

Moreover, it was reported that the number of labor migrants from Ukraine in Poland has increased in five times since 2014: from 300,000 up to 1,5 million.

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