Czech Republic Helps Ukraine Preserve its Endangered Cultural Heritage

The National Museum sent a consignment of materials to help the country protect its art.

Yesterday morning, two trucks filled with packaging, bubble wrap, polyethylene foams and other materials left the National Museum in Prague and set off to Ukraine.

According to the museum, this consignment of materials was commissioned by the Czech Ministry of Culture to help Ukraine preserve its endangered cultural heritage, monuments, and artworks.

In addition to sending the aforementioned materials, the National Museum has also sent other safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, power banks, sandbags, fuel generators, and oriented strand boards (OSB boards) designed to block windows.

These materials and equipment have not been chosen at random but selected based on the needs and requests of Ukraine, the museum explained.

“We responded to a specific request from the Ukrainian side, and today, thanks to the work of the National Museum, two trucks full of necessary things can leave. I believe that in this way they will help to minimise the damage. Further assistance may follow as the Ukrainian side clarifies its needs,” explained Michal Lukeš, General Director of the National Museum.

The National Museum sent two trucks of supplies to Ukraine on 10 May, Source: National Museum

Lukeš further revealed that this is not the first time that the National Museum has lent a hand to a country in need. That is, he disclosed that the museum had previously helped save cultural heritage threatened by war in Afghanistan and Syria.

Therefore, it now has the knowledge and experience it needs to assist its Ukrainian colleagues. Moreover, it also has a depository for storing cultural monuments and the restoration capacity needed for post-war reconstruction.

According to a press release, the Ministry of Culture used CZK 2 million from its budget for the consignment of the materials.

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