Czech Republic Has a New Application for Expressing Sexual Consent

The new mobile application XPass wants to reduce the number of sexually motivated crimes and create a safer sexual environment.

With its help, people can express their official consent to sexual intercourse. The application can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android from today, project founder Alena Sadílková told reporters.

“The ambition of the project is to significantly reduce the number of sexual crimes, but also false accusations,” said Sadílková.

According to Amnesty International and Pro Fem, one in ten women in the Czech Republic was raped, she added.

Sadílková: “The application responds to the trend of legislation of Western countries and the European Union on the obligation of the person accused of sexual violence to provide evidence that consent to the sexual act was given,” said the authors of the project.

In the application, people can express consent for various sexual practices. It is also possible to set up a contact person for situations in danger, and it has a mechanism against granting consent under duress.

“It was important for me that the consent was not misused,” Sadílková said. The information is stored in the application and can only be accessed at the request of criminal law authorities.

Sadílková expects the greatest interest in the application among the young generation, who according to her, have a tendency towards a digitized lifestyle with mobile applications and social networks.

According to the creators, the application will also help to improve the legal literacy of people in this area. In particular, they will provide evidence in rape cases that is currently lacking.

In addition to the application, Sadílková also aims to improve sexual education for children and to educate workers who come into contact with victims of sexual violence.

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