Czech Republic Gifts Vietnam Over 250,000 Covid Vaccine Doses

vietnam covid vaccines czechia

Vietnam’s Health Ministry received more than 210,000 AstraZeneca and 40,800 Moderna doses from the Czech Republic government in Hanoi.

Deputy Minister Truong Quoc Cuong received the vaccines from Lukas Musil, Czech deputy ambassador to Vietnam.

The vaccines had arrived in the city last Friday and been sent to cold storage.

“Vietnam is a priority in the Czech Republic’s vaccine support policy,” said Musil, recalling Vietnam’s support for his nation during the pandemic last year.

So far, Vietnam has received 27 million Covid-19 vaccine doses from different sources, including government support, the Covax facility, and commercial contracts.

Of the vaccines, more than 17 million doses are AstraZeneca while the rest are more than five million doses of Moderna, over three million Pfizer doses, and 2.5 million Sinopharm doses.

According to the Health Ministry, as of last Saturday, more than 2.43 million people had been double vaccinated, and almost 17 million had received the first dose, in a population of more than 96 million.

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