Czech Republic Could Establish US Military Base on its Territory

The Czech Republic could follow in Slovakia’s footsteps by signing a deal with the US to deploy American troops on Czech territory, Defence Minister Jana Černochová hinted.

Černochová will travel to the US after the Easter holidays and could discuss the US base in Czechia. “I would like to raise this topic during the bilateral meeting. We can follow the path of the agreement that Slovakia took,” Černochová told Deník N in an interview.

According to the US-Slovakia deal, Slovakia would grant limited capacities to two military airports to the US army. While in Slovakia, there were strong anti-US sentiments related to the agreement, Černochová does not expect the same discussions in Czechia.

“The Slovaks negotiated their agreement before the war in Ukraine, specifically at a time when there were talks of possible aggression. And the sentiment in Slovakia was very negative,” Černochová said, adding that nobody expected Russia actually to invade Ukraine at the time.

Czechia’s five-party ruling government has not yet discussed the possible presence of the US military in Czechia. Such a move would have to be approved by both chambers of parliament.

Opposition parties have already expressed an unwillingness to have US troops on Czech territory. However, while the Czech government’s position also remains unclear, Černochová wants to launch a discussion on the matter soon.

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