Czech Republic Closes Borders to Tourists

The latest measures in response to the epidemical situation in the Czech Republic came into effect on Thursday 22 October and will be in place until Tuesday 3 November 2020.

As a result of the crisis measures issued by the government, it is not possible to travel to the Czech Republic for the purpose of tourism or visiting friends. The Ministry of Internal Affairs announced it on its official website.

Czech borders remain open after October 22, 2020. Border controls were not introduced.

Hotels are limited to business travelers, foreigners stranded in the country by restrictions on travel, and employees required for essential services as defined by the emergency law.

The ban on tourists is valid until the state of emergency is lifted. At the moment it expires on November 3, however, most likely, the government will extend it for other 30 days.

The Czech Republic has been facing record coronavirus infections that put the health system under pressure.

The Health Ministry says daily confirmed cases reached 14,151 on Thursday, after the record of almost 15,000 the day earlier. It now leads the EU in terms of new deaths and cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

The New Measures

The government has decided that free movement of persons throughout the Czech Republic is prohibited

There are several exceptions to this ban, in particular for trips to work and in connection with business, for trips to see family, for the purchase of basic necessities, and for trips to health-care facilities. People will also be able to go out to parks, into nature. With the exception of members of a household, only two people will be able to move about together in public places,

With a few specified exceptions, shops and services are also prohibited. Exceptions include, for example, the sale of food, drugstore items, pharmacies, and florists.

The government also restricted the operation of public authorities and administrative bodies to the essential minimum necessary to ensure the operation of public administration.

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