Czech Republic Back on Slovenia’s Covid “Green List”

The Slovenian government has reinstated the Czech Republic, with the exception of the Moravian-Silesian region, on the green list of epidemiologically safe countries, with the decision taking effect on Tuesday.

In announcing the news, the government’s Communication Office said the decision was made following a briefing on the situation of Covid-19 in the two countries by the National Institute of Public Health.

The Czech Republic was placed on the so-called yellow list with Croatia on Saturday. The Moravian-Silesian region in the east of the Czech Republic remains on the yellow list.

Slovenian citizens and foreigners residing permanently or temporarily in Slovenia from members of the EU yellow zone or the Schengen area are not quarantined under certain conditions.

This includes proving that they own property or a vessel there, or producing an original accommodation invoice.

If they are unable to prove this, they are considered to be arriving in Slovenia from a high-risk country and subject to a two-week quarantine.

Slovenian citizens and foreigners with permanent or temporary residence in Slovenia from members of the EU green list or the Schengen area are not quarantined.

Persons who have a temporary or permanent residence in these countries are free to enter Slovenia without any restrictions or quarantine either.

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