Czech Republic Among The Worst In Europe For New Car Emissions

The Czech Republic is one of the worst in Europe in terms of carbon dioxide emissions from new cars. 

With emissions of 120.9 grams per kilometer, it is the sixth-worst in the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) ranking. Arval pointed this out.

The main reason for this situation is the conservative approach of companies and people to alternative drives.

In Europe, emissions from new cars fell by an average of 11 percent. The average is around 108.2 g / km. According to ACEA, Norway, Iceland and the Netherlands have the lowest emissions from new cars.

At the other end of the scale are the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, the worst result being Bulgaria with 133 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer.

“Czech companies still mostly buy cars with internal combustion engines, although the situation is gradually changing and 22 percent of domestic companies already have vehicles with alternative drives in their fleets,” said Tomáš Kadeřábek, a consultant for Arval, which provides operating leases.

The share of companies with electric vehicles in their fleet has increased significantly, compared to last year to eight percent.

“However, if there is no significant tax advantage for cars with alternative drives, a greater change in the preferences of fleet managers will not occur in the near future,” Kadeřábek added.

However, interest in electric cars is gradually rising. At the end of last year, 7,109 electric cars and around 3,000 plug-in hybrids were registered in the Czech Republic.

The number of battery electric vehicles almost doubled last year. Electric vehicles accounted for 2.58 percent of total new car sales.


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