Czech Red Cross Starts Vaccination in Nursing Homes

czech red cross vaccine

As of Monday, a vaccination team has been dispatched in Prague and started operating in the early hours of the morning. The team consists of a doctor, two nurses, and volunteers.

They are driven around in a Red Cross vehicle with the task of vaccinating clients of residential facilities for senior citizens.

The facilities themselves cannot provide vaccinations to the elderly, hence the need for this team and operation. It has been reported that six facilities have requested the service so far.

The vaccination team has been organized by the Czech Red Cross, along with the Prague Municipality, and the Municipal Polyclinic.

David Doležil, Director of the Municipal Polyclinic and regional vaccination coordinator, has said that “The mobile team will help with vaccinations in various other locations in the coming days as necessary. In addition to that, our polyclinic will provide the entire logistics and handle the formal side of things. We have another very difficult period ahead of us.”

Czech Republic’s Minister of Health announced that the vaccination against Covid-19 will strategically be carried out, and done in three stages.

Blatný announced in a press conference during the first week of January. The first stage, which is currently happening, will include the vaccination of people over 80 years of age, healthcare professionals, as well as clients and employees in retirement homes.

Following the completion of this stage, vaccination will be prioritized for people with chronic diseases, and people over 65 years of age. These two stages will supposedly be in completion by March.

The last stage of vaccinations will be reserved for all other members of the nation. It has been estimated to generally take place around February 1, according to Blatný.

Additionally, the Czech government has also asked for advice from Israel regarding the best mode of action to carry out the vaccine procedure.

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