Czech Railways Launched Direct Trains From Prague to Bohemian Paradise

Czech Railways (ČD) launched a new line designed for bicyclists, hikers, and other outdoors enthusiasts. The journey goes through the land known as Bohemian Paradise, or Český ráj. Located in the north, the region is popular for its beautiful environment and quaint, scenic towns.

With a remarkable environment, including rock formations, winding rivers, and wildlife, the region is great for those wanting to explore nature. Spanning roughly 1,400 square kilometers, Český ráj is the oldest protected landscape in the Czech Republic.

The train will pass through some of the most notable towns in the region, including Jičín, Jinolic, and its final stop, Turnov. Travelers will get to experience the traditional architecture of the region, including castles.

Trains run regularly every weekend and on holidays until October 28th. See the complete schedule here.

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