Czech Pubs to Protest Against Government Regulations

The owner of Malý Janek restaurant Jiří Janeček wants to organize a new form of protest against government measures.

Janeček plans to “connect” the Straka Academy (seat of the Government of the Czech Republic) in Malá Strana with the Old Town Square on January 3rd at 3 pm with a series of beer glasses and candles.

“We are not talking only about the gastronomic sector, but also hotels, artists, taxi drivers, fitness centers, suppliers, and many other groups of citizens who have suffered from quarantine measures. We will not gather in groups, we will not make public speeches, but we want to give the government a clear signal that there are many of us, and we are fed up with all of this,” said Janeček, who is a member of the Chcípl PES initiative.

Some pubs and restaurateurs signed up for the Chcípl PES call and in recent days refused to close at 8 pm.

Moreover, Janeček has invited politicians for lunch on Friday so that they see the impact of coronavirus restrictions and discuss the situation with him.

The Czech Government has decided to close food services and hotels in the country since December 18 due to a rapid spike in COVID-19 cases.

On December 3, Czech food services and hotels were allowed to reopen since the country’s daily infection rate dropped. However, the republic started to register over 5,000 new daily COVID-19 cases since December 9, and the government decided to reimpose some anti-coronavirus restrictions.

Shops and consumer services will continue to operate, but with adherence to very strict health standards.

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