Czech Pub Owners to Protest Again on Sunday

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Protesters will gather once again in central Prague on Sunday, January 10, to challenge restrictions adopted to combat the Covid-19 spread.

“At the demonstration, we will announce the re-opening of the Czech Republic. We will not respect government measures that do not work, but on the contrary have caused a far more deadly pandemic of poverty, unemployment, and collapsing companies,” the co-founder of Chcipl PES David Biksadsky said.

The organizers call on the participants to come with face masks and respect the peaceful nature of the demonstration.

“We are not talking only about the gastronomic sector, but also hotels, artists, taxi drivers, fitness centers, suppliers, and many other groups of citizens who have suffered from quarantine measures. We want to give the government a clear signal that we are fed up with all of this,” said Janeček, who is a member of the Chcípl PES initiative.

The Minister of Industry Karel Havlíček (ANO) invited the organizers to an online meeting, which will take place on January 13 and should also be attended by members of the Association of Hotels and Restaurants and the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises.

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Prague last Sunday, January 3rd, with empty beer glasses to rally against the closing of pubs and restaurants in the country.

The demonstrators, many of whom work in the hospitality industry, lit candles inside beer glasses and set them in a line stretching about a kilometer from the city center to government buildings.

The Czech Government has decided to close food services and hotels in the country since December 18 due to a rapid spike in COVID-19 cases.

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