Czech President’s Health Condition is Stable

zeman intensive care

Czech President Milos Zeman’s health condition is stable, a spokeswoman of the Central Military Hospital said on Monday, confirming an earlier report by CTK news agency.

Zeman, 77, was taken to the hospital on Sunday and he was receiving treatment in an intensive care unit, fuelling uncertainty at a time when he is due to lead political talks on the formation of a new government following a parliamentary election.

Director Miroslav Zavoral of the Central Military Hospital in Prague said Zeman, 77, was admitted due to complications related to an undisclosed chronic condition.

“We know the diagnosis precisely, which allows us to target treatment,” Zavoral said, adding that he did not have the president’s approval to disclose details of the diagnosis.

If Zeman is not able to act due to his illness or other reasons, the prime minister and the speakers of both houses of parliament will take over his presidential powers. If that happens, the new speaker of the lower house selects the premier.

The parliament has to meet within 30 days of the election to select the speaker and other officials.

Mr. Zeman is a heavy smoker who has suffered from diabetes. He has trouble walking and has been using a wheelchair.

The president was previously admitted on September 14 for what his office later described as a planned examination.

The office said the president was dehydrated and slightly exhausted and he was released after eight days, his longest hospital stay.

He spent four days in the same hospital in 2019 for similar reasons.


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