Czech Post Unveils New Stamp to Honour Covid-19 Workers

Czech Post has launched a new stamp to honor the service of the country’s essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

The new stamp feature face mask illustrations with the symbols of medics, post office, army, police, fire brigade, and all those who helped each other in difficult times of the coronavirus crisis.

The face value of the stamp is identified with a letter B, which corresponds with the domestic Ordinary Letter – Standard up to 50 g in the economic mode of delivery according to Czech Post‘s price list – CZK 19.

The artistic design of the stamp was created by Mr. Filip Heyduk. The stamp was printed with an offset method of 750 000 copies.


“Every single day, our frontline workers remind us about the humility and the preciousness of life, whether it be our doctors, nurses, police officers, military and security forces, journalists, postal workers, or those working in essential service,” said Petr Očko.

“We thank them for the immense sacrifice they continue to make for us, but also the sacrifices their families and loved ones are making,” he added.

The Czech government was one of the first to make it compulsory to wear a mask outside the home.

When the crisis began, industrially made masks were in short supply, which prompted a nationwide effort to make them at home.

In a sign that the coronavirus will one day be history, the Czech National Museum opened an exhibition of face masks worn to protect against the infection.

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