Czech Police Say PM Babiš Should Stand Trial in Fraud Case

Czech police said on Wednesday that Prime Minister Andrej Babis and others should stand trial for alleged fraud involving the handling of a 2 million euro European Union subsidy – charges that could see him jailed for up to 10 years.

The probe against Babiš focuses another spotlight on the EU’s eastern wing, a region that’s been rocked by scandal. Babis rejected the allegations on Wednesday, denouncing them as “an organized plot” designed to ruin his political career.

The case involves a farm that received EU subsidies after its ownership was transferred from the Babis-owned Agrofert conglomerate of some 250 companies to Babis’ family members. The subsidies were meant for medium and small businesses and Agrofert would not have been eligible for them.

Later, Agrofert again took ownership of the farm. Babiš denies any wrongdoing.

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