Police Barred 10,500 Vehicles From Leaving Their Home Districts Last Week

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Czech police barred 10,500 vehicles from leaving their home districts last week, the first in the three-week period of tightened Covid restrictions including the ban on people’s free movement between districts.

Since last Monday, the police have registered over 13,000 cases of people not having adequately covered their nose and mouth, and over 5,000 other misdemeanors violating the government-introduced crisis measures.

The police settled the cases mainly by issuing warnings and instructing the persons at fault.

The new lockdown measures include strict limits on personal mobility, the closure of all kindergartens and other schools that are currently operating, and a restriction of sales to essential goods.

Residents are limited to walking and jogging during the day in the municipality where they live.

People who need to travel outside of their district to visit a healthcare facility or public authority must present an official form or written declaration stating the time and destination of their appointment.

People traveling for work purposes will need a document from their employer stating the employee’s place of work and place of residence.

Latest statistics

The health ministry recorded 10,466 new COVID-19 infections on Monday, down from 12,321 cases a week earlier. The official death toll has reached 22,147, a rise of 265 from a day earlier which also includes revisions to previous days, according to ministry data.

In total, 1.336 million infections have been recorded since March 2020. Current hospitalizations stand at 8,478, and 1,789 were in serious condition, a new high.

The ministry reported 862,670 vaccine shots have been administered.



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