8 Podcasts to Listen to in Czech If You Want to Improve Your Listening Skills

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Article by Language Atelier, a language school in Prague.

Many people believe that learning Czech is difficult, particularly if you only speak English. Since Czech is a Slavic language, the way you form sentences, verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and all kinds of other parts of speech differs dramatically.

However, don’t let this stop you from studying Czech, as doing so would make learning other Slavic languages, such as Russian or Polish, much easier.

You can learn Czech just like any other European language if you have the right equipment. One of the tools you definitely should make use of? Podcasts for language learning.

They can be a fantastic addition to language-learning classes, whether online or in person. Podcasts are widely available, can be listened to at almost any time or place, and are often free or inexpensive.

Trying to figure out which podcasts can help you learn Czech? Choose one of the eight options below. There’s bound to be something that matches your skillset and interests.

Podcasts for beginners

  • CZECHCLASS101: CzechClass101 offers a variety of beginner and advanced podcast episodes to help you learn Czech. The series covers a wide range of topics related to the Czech language, from basic vocabulary terms to cultural topics to basic tip-type topics such as how to get the most out of your Czech language lessons. There are plenty of short episodes to choose from, so even though you only have 10 minutes, you can learn something new. The bulk of the content on CzechClass101 is behind a paywall that includes a subscription, but the costs aren’t prohibitively high.


  • ONE MINUTE CZECH: Although this podcast is no longer published, it still contains a few episodes that can assist you in your quest to become fluent in Czech. Although the episodes aren’t all one minute long, they are all fairly short and simple to follow for newcomers. The podcast gives you a taste of the language, igniting your interest in learning Czech and laying the groundwork for more difficult concepts.


  • LEARN CZECH: This older podcast is also no longer active, but it contains over ten episodes, all of which are under half an hour long and include an introduction to basic vocabulary and Czech grammar concepts. Listeners can use pdf tools on the podcast’s website in addition to the podcast audio to better understand the concepts taught in each episode.


Podcasts for intermediate level

  • CZECH WITH IVA: Listening to a few episodes (at least!) of Czech with Iva will help intermediate Czech language learners. The podcast discusses daily life in the Czech Republic in Czech, at a pace that is understandable to intermediate language learners. New episodes are released every three months or so, with the majority lasting about 15 minutes.


  • RADIO PRAGUE INTERNATIONAL: It’s always a good idea to start learning more about a language’s culture and history. You can learn more about the problems concerning and perspectives of those living in and around Prague by tuning in to Radio Prague International.


  • PRAGUECAST: PragueCast, a similar podcast created by students at New York University’s Prague branch, is helpful for learning more about the community, history, and lifestyle of Prague and its residents. There are episodes on a variety of topics, including death, money, food, and fear. There will undoubtedly be an episode that piques your curiosity.


Podcasts for advanced level

  • SBS CZECH: SBS Czech is a podcast produced by the Special Broadcasting Service that covers world events and news in Czech. However, since the podcast takes an international approach, you’re probably already familiar with the topics discussed. This makes it easier for you to follow along and pick up new vocabulary terms that you can use in your daily life. The SBS Czech podcast is extremely popular, with new episodes being released on a regular basis, ensuring that you will always have something new to listen to, learn from, and enjoy.


  • FREECAST: Do you like rap music? Then you would like to listen to Czech rap music. D-Toc, an underground rapper from Prague known for his mixtapes and promo songs, has a podcast stream available. All of the episodes are in Czech, and there are a lot to choose from. The majority are just a few minutes long, and the podcast is updated on a regular basis, despite how infrequently it is updated.
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