Czech PM Will Dismiss Health and Education Ministers

czech ministers dismiss

Two ministers are due to end up in government on Wednesday. According to CNN Prima NEWS, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO) plans to dismiss both the Ministry of Health, Jan Blatný, and the Minister of Education, Robert Plaga.

The rumor was confirmed to the editors by two credible sources.

Blatný should be replaced by Petr Arenberger, director of the University Hospital in Prague-Vinohrady.

Karel Rais, member of the Chamber of Deputies, and rector of the Brno University of Technology from 2006 to 2014, should be the new Minister of Education.

The PM has been increasingly critical of Mr. Blatný’s performance in office, particularly over poor communication. A number of leading experts have also left the ministry under Jan Blatný.

Blatný has clashed with the Prime Minister and President Milos Zeman on the prospect of using the Russian Sputnik V vaccine without the approval of the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Babiš also had problems with the Minister of Education for a long time, annoyed that during the coronavirus crisis, Plaga was allegedly not supporting teachers and parents.

The government’s back-and-forth approach to coronavirus measures has taken a toll on the Czechs.

“Many people are fed up and tired of the political games, and now refuse to respect obligatory lockdown rules,” said Rastislav Maďar, who previously led a group of epidemiological experts at the Czech health ministry that advised the government on coronavirus protocols.

This is borne out by a recent World Health Organization survey that found 76 percent of Czechs do not trust the government regarding the coronavirus. More worrying, 46 percent of Czechs said they do not stay at home with COVID-19 symptoms.

“Society is divided, exhausted, resentful and many [people] are not able to hide their anger and disappointment,” Maďar said. “This is the consequence when politicians do not respect experts and take decisions based on PR.”


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