Czech Petrol Prices Fall to Lowest Since May 2009

Average fuel prices at petrol stations in the Czech Republic continue to fall. Gasoline has fallen by 58 haléřů to 26.04 CZK per liter in the last week, tumbling to its lowest level in almost 11 years.

One koruna equals 100 haléřů.

Compared to last Wednesday, diesel is 60 haléřů cheaper, and one liter costs an average of 26.23 CZK. Fuel prices in the Czech Republic have been falling since mid-January.

The highest average fuel prices are registered in Prague. A liter of Natural gasoline 95 costs 27.20 CZK in Prague, and the same amount of diesel costs five haléřů more. In all the other regions, the average price of diesel or petrol does not exceed 27 CZK.

The second most expensive region in Vysočina, where a liter costs an average of 26.67 CZK. The second-highest price for diesel is registered in Central Bohemia.


Region Natural 95 Nafta
Czech Republic 26,04 26,23
Praha 27,20 27,25
Jihočeský 25,60 25,93
Jihomoravský 26,36 26,51
Karlovarský 25,70 25,81
Královéhradecký 25,65 25,88
Liberecký 26,16 26,32
Moravskoslezský 26,00 26,18
Olomoucký 26,61 26,70
Pardubický 25,64 25,88
Plzeňský 25,22 25,43
Středočeský 26,59 26,79
Ústecký 25,43 25,77
Vysočina 26,67 26,78
Zlínský 25,75 25,98


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