Czech People Want to Keep Daylight Savings Time

The overwhelming opinion is clear on internet discussions among Czech citizens: daylight savings time should be maintained, despite the European Commission’s wish to terminate the time changes. The government, led by Andrej Babiš, have the opposite view. Scientists are currently engaged in research of the biological rhythms linked to daylight savings time vs maintaining standard time.

The Czech government discussed the change of time at the end of Wednesday’s session. Andrej Babiš himself believes that it would be best to keep standard time for the entire year. Other members of the government had the same view. His argument was that for example “children do not want to sleep in the summer when they see that it is still light after 21:00.”

Similarly, scientists have been looking at the alternation of time, and according to their research they argue that standard time can improve the quality of sleep, is healthier for the human heart, and has a positive effect on body weight. This argument was presented at the press release of the Institute of Physiology at the Czech Academy of Sciences on Tuesday.

But despite this, most ordinary Czech citizens would prefer to keep daylight savings time. The most likely reasons are the longer hours of light and the ability to enjoy more of the day. What do you think?

Author: Holly Webb

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