Czech Nurse Donated CZK 1 Million for Armored Ambulance for Ukrainian Soldiers

On Wednesday, the Gift for Putin initiative, raised money for a Hummer H1 to serve as a military ambulance on the front line.

A total of CZK 6.5 million was raised with CZK 1 million sent by a Czech woman working in public healthcare. “Our chin really dropped over this donation,” the organizers commented.

The Dárek pro Putina (Gift for Putin) project works in cooperation with Team4Ukraine1. “We are working with the medical division, where there are doctors who save lives on the front line. The guys have their own ambulances, which they use to get wounded soldiers from the front line away to front-line hospitals,” said Martin Ondracek, co-author of the initiative, adding that the ambulance would be named Hope.

“I spoke to the guys from Team4Ukraine1 who said it was one of the most moving conversations. I know that the lady works in the health sector,” Ondracek told on Thursday.

Team4Ukraine1 revealed on Twitter that the donor’s name is Jana Rejlova. “Yesterday (Wednesday, ed.) she was on the phone when part of the team had just crossed the border back to the EU from Ukraine. It was touching,” said the doctors, who also stressed that the woman is not rich but simply wants to help.

“I’m trying very hard to make sure that the project has a leg to stand on for people who for some reason don’t contribute to weapons. Either for moral or religious reasons,” Ondracek said.

The initiative has previously raised money for an upgraded T-72 Avenger tank worth around CZK 30 million.

About eleven thousand Czechs raised the necessary amount in about a month. Now, a collection is also underway for the Viktor air defence system, which is capable of defending strategic and civilian targets against drone strikes and aerial bombardment.

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