Morning News: Wednesday, September 14, 2022

If your day doesn’t start until you’re up to speed on the latest headlines, then let us introduce you to our new morning fix. 


  • Czechia supports the accession of Montenegro to the European Union, President Milos Zeman said after his meeting with Montenegrin President Milo Dukanovic on Tuesday. “I believe that Montenegro will be a full-fledged member of the EU in the very near future and that, like the other member states, it will also meet the conditions,” Zeman said.


  • Czech customs and police officers recently detained a ten-member gang suspected of trafficking in drugs including marijuana and methamphetamine. The gang was led by a Czech national who operated on the drug scene for over ten years and was punished for drug trafficking in Slovakia in the past.


  • Daniel Makay, a Freedom and Direct Democracy (junior opposition SPD) representative of the small town of Bruntal, must pay 45,000 crowns or approving of the Russian attack against Ukraine on Facebook in February. Makay appealed against the verdict on the spot.


  • Equa bank announced that, after 10 years on the Czech market, its merger with Raiffeisenbank will take place on 14 November.  The bank assured its clients that existing products, terms, and saving conditions will be unaffected, but all current Equa bank accounts will gradually be converted into Raiffeisenbank accounts


  • Czech farmers’ organisations plan to hold massive protests against the new Common Agricultural Policy on Thursday. The protest will occur in front of the Congress Centre. Since the start of the year, representatives of large farms have been protesting against the decision to shift a larger part of the subsidies to smaller farmers.

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