Top Czech News Headlines: Wednesday, March 2, 2022

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  • This February saw the second-highest number of coronavirus infected since the outbreak of the infected in March 2020, over 543,000. In all, COVID has been detected in 3,587,871 people. The highest occurrence was recorded this January when the total number of positive tests reached 560,000.


  • The Czech Republic has been setting up its consular agencies in Przemysl in Poland near the border with Ukraine and in Kosice, east Slovakia, to aid refugees from the war-stricken Ukraine, the Foreign Ministry tweeted today. The evacuated staff of the Czech diplomatic missions in Ukraine will move to them.


  • Czechia has evacuated 88 Volhynian Czechs from Zhytomyr, Malinovka and other towns in northwest Ukraine, who will stay either with their contacts in Czechia or be accommodated like other refugees from the war-stricken Ukraine. Volhynian Czechs are the offspring of the Czechs who settled in Tsarist Russia in the past.


  • The Prague 6 municipal district asked Prague City Hall to rename the street near the Russian Embassy on Monday. The current name of the street is Korunovační, but it could be renamed Ukrainských hrdinů.


  • A group of public figures say that thanks to his support for Vladimir Putin, the Czech president, Miloš Zeman, became an accomplice to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and should stand down.

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