Top Czech News Headlines: Monday, March 14, 2022

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  • The restriction of people’s visits to hospitals and social care facilities, previously imposed over the threat of coronavirus, will end in the Czech Republic as of Monday, as will the testing of hospital staff, based on the Health Ministry’s decision. The testing of unvaccinated employees of the facilities has been compulsory since November.


  • The Czech the Chamber of Deputies passed a bill facilitating Ukrainian refugees’ access to the labour market, under which they will be able to work without a work permit, today. Their children may attend children’s groups. They will be also eligible for the humanitarian bonus of 5,000 crowns, also repeatedly.


  • Over 81,000 Ukrainian refugees have been registered by the Czech migration police at assistance centres set up for that purpose in all the country’s regions. The total number of special visas handed out to Ukrainians reached more than 142,000 on Saturday.


  • The Czech Republic has appealed for assistance under the EU Civil Protection Mechanism in providing accommodation for 50,000 refugees from Ukraine. The state’s accommodation capacities have already been exhausted.

  • Fifty Czech soldiers sent to help out with the refugee crisis on the Slovak-Ukrainian border have set up army tents for 400 refugees near Liptovský Mikuláš. They will run the refugee camp for at least a month.

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