Top Czech News Headlines: Monday, February 21, 2022

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  • The Czech healthcare system is currently lacking 2,500 nurses at hospitals around the country. Experts say that the situation will only get worse unless schools begin turning out more nursing graduates. The minister of health, Vlastimil Válek, plans to pour more financing into the training of nurses in the next two years.


  • There have now been over 3.5 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the Czech Republic (population 10.7 million) since the start of the pandemic. Experts have said that the real number could in fact be two or three times higher.


  • The National Drug Control Centre (NDC) has arrested and charged eight people who allegedly cultivated marijuana in the Czech Republic for several years and sold it mainly to the UK and Ireland.


  • A litre of the best-selling petrol, Natural 95, is currently selling at Czech petrol stations for an average of CZK 37.13, which is CZK 0.35 more than one week ago. Meanwhile, diesel has risen in price by 0.29 per litre.


  • The CEO of Czech Railways (ČD), Mr. Ivan Bednárik, has announced he will resign on February 28. He would not comment on his resignation, except to say that the reasons were between him and the board, and that he disagreed with savings planned by the Czech government which would have a direct impact on ČD.

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