Czech Ministry May Give Government Bonds as Christmas Gift

czech ministry bonds christmas

“You still don’t know what to give for Christmas? As a present, a government bond will not only please the recipient but also value your savings.” The Minister of Finance has shared a video with a bizarre recommendation on her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

“Christmas is just around the corner, so many of you are thinking about what to put under the tree for your loved ones. If you don’t know yet, I have a tip for you. And don’t worry, it’s not socks, but a bond of the Czech Republic,” she says in the video.

At the same time, she advised against using this as a romantic gift: “Gentlemen, I would rather recommend something more personal for your dear halves,” she addressed Czech men. “Bonds are more suitable for parents or friends,” she added.

According to the official website of the ministry, accumulative government bonds for 100,000 CZK will bring their owner 6151 CZK in six years

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