Czech Ministers Donate to Charity After Being Photographed Not Wearing Face Masks

Jan Hamáček, Interior Minister and head of the country’s Central Crisis Staff and Jana Maláčová, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, were photographed at a meeting in the Central Crisis Headquarters, not wearing protective face masks.

After the photographs were shared widely on social networks, the two ministers decided to make a charitable donation.

“I won’t justify myself; the rules are the same for everyone. It was a mistake. I already sent 10,000 CZK to Motol hospital,” said Hamáček.

Under the new emergency rules – people standing in a public without a mask face a fine of up to 10,000 CZK. If the police decide to pass a case to the Municipality for Administrative Proceedings, the fine can rise to 20,000 CZK.

A third person in the photo, also not wearing a face mask is Jana Maláčová’s husband, Aleš Chmelař, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for European Affairs.

“Together with my husband, we repent and both of us sent 10,000 CZK to the account of the Život 90 charitable organization,” said Maláčová.

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