Czech Men Are Drinking Less and Less Beer, According to New Study

A recent survey conducted by CVVM agency has revealed that the consumption of beer among Czech men is among the lowest registered in 14 years and the weekly consumption has dropped to 7.6 half-liters.

Consumption of beer among Czech women has increased to 2.7 half-liters a week.

While in 2004 the average daily consumption was over 400 half-liters per year, last year that figure was less than 300 half liters. 

Findings noted that people tend to go to the pub less – one researcher cited family obligations and a tendency among Czechs to drink at home alone – but individual stats reflect an overarching theme of loyalty toward one’s local. 

The drop in beer consumption follows a seven-year period of relative stagnation. 

Several factors had played a role when it came to fewer Czechs going out to pubs or restaurants: the introduction of electronic cash registers which saw some venues fold and others raise their prices and the introduction of anti-smoking legislation. 

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