Czech Medical Worker Injured in Ukraine Dies

A Czech medical worker, severely injured in Donbas in March and transferred to the Central Military Hospital in Prague in April, has passed away.

“With deep sorrow, we inform you of sad news. Taylor, the founder of the Phoenix project, our friend and hero who personally saved many wounded soldiers on the eastern front and trained thousands of soldiers and civilians in combat medicine, succumbed to his severe injuries on May 15, 2023, after weeks of fighting,” said representatives of the Phoenix programme on social media.

According to the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, two Czech volunteers fighting against the Russian army have lost their lives in Ukraine.

One passed away in March 2023 and the other in June 2022.

The Phoenix project trains Ukrainian troops in combat medicine, while medics provide direct assistance on the front lines.

Taylor suffered shrapnel wounds (Ukr) in mid-March during an artillery shelling in Donbas while assisting in evacuating a wounded Ukrainian soldier.

At the time, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that the injured individual’s condition did not allow immediate evacuation.

The medical worker was evacuated (Ukr) to the Prague Central Military Hospital in early April.


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