Czech Medical Chamber Calls for Lockdown and Compulsory Vaccination

The Czech Medical Chamber (ČLK) called on politicians to “introduce comprehensive measures to reduce contacts between people, which are generally referred to as lockdowns, as soon as possible.”

The Chamber also emphasizes in its Sunday report that the epidemic situation in the Czech Republic is extremely serious.

“We support the adoption of such legislative changes that will enable the introduction of compulsory vaccination against covid-19 for people over the age of 18 in the Czech Republic as soon as possible,” the Czech Medical Chamber said in a statement.

The Chamber also calls on all physicians to respect the professional recommendations published by ČLK, in particular to promote vaccination and not to spread unfounded doubts about the effectiveness and safety of vaccination.

“The effort of health professionals to continue caring for patients will be crucial. However, they need immediate and effective help from political representation as well as public support,” warns ČLK.

At the same time, ČLK proposes that the third, ie booster dose of vaccination, be given as early as 5 months after the second dose.

Mandatory vaccinations

The head of ČLK Milan Kubek told that mandatory vaccination, for example for selected groups, should have been introduced a long time ago.

“The Czech Medical Chamber has repeatedly called on the Ministry of Health to make vaccinations compulsory for health professionals and social workers, and we recommend the same for education staff,” he said.

Latest statistics

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, 2 million people in the Czech Republic have contracted the virus, according to Ministry of Health data.

On Sunday, 8,244 new cases were registered, the most ever for that day of the week and 2,600 more than on the previous Sunday.


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