Half Marathon Races Open Registrations for Next Year. Attention: the capacity is limited

half marathon prague

Have you run Mattoni Half Marathon Karlovy Vary, Mattoni Half Marathon České Budějovice or Mattoni Half Marathon Olomouc? Do you want to enjoy this unique race experience again? You have the opportunity right now.

The popular Mattoni half Marathons have just opened their registrations for the next year. In the first tier, one registration costs 500 Czech crowns, a 2Run- registration costs 1000 CZK. Other registration packages can be ordered on runczech.com.

“We have been thrilled with the interest in the half marathon races, which returned to their traditional dates after the Covid-19 pandemic. We expect an even bigger turnout next year,” said Carlo Capalbo, President of the RunCzech organizing committee.

Mattoni Half Marathon Karlovy Vary, which was under perfect weather conditions, a rainy Mattoni half Marathon České Budějovice or a Mattoni Half Marathon Olomouc which was in boiling heat. These have been the popular races this year so far. They attracted approximately fifteen thousand runners, but not only that.

“Mattoni Half Marathons can bring hundreds to thousands of tourists to the cities, additionally to the runners. This not only gets the local economy moving, but it also motivates and inspires people to exercise and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. This is one of our main missions as well,” Carlo Capalbo added.

In addition to the performances of the professionals and other runners, there were enthusiastic children to see as a part of the dm Family Run. The capacities of these events got filled, too.

The registration process for the next year’s Mattoni Half Marathons opened on Friday, July 1th. It costs 500 CZK in the first tier, 700 CZK in the secon one and 950 CZK in the third one. These are the prices for one participant. For the pair´s 2Run, the entry fee is 1000 CZK in the first step, 1400 CZK in the second one and 1900 CZK in the third one.

However, the most attractive option is RunCzech Stars, therefore one registration for eight races for 4800 CZK. This also includes an invitation to the gala evening and a gift from the partner companies.

“We have been getting reactions from people that the half marathons have been very successful this year. We encourage runners to sign up as soon as possible, as the capacity is expected to be sold out soon,” Carlo Capalbo claims.

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