Czech Man Tries To Steal 350 Boxes Of Condoms

Security guards in a supermarket in Plzeň detained a Czech man while trying to steal 350 boxes of condoms. 

The man entered the store with an empty bag, filled it with the condoms, and walked back to the entrance. One of the guards stopped the 34-year-old man and asked to see the contents of the bag, in response he started to run.

A few minutes later, the guard called the police. During interrogation, it turned out the man has been already convicted 13 times in the past years, mainly for property damage and violent nature.

In December, Prague police were looking for another Czech man who stole 30 packs of condoms, 29 tubes of lubricant, three vibration rings, and an electric nail file from a store. The total amount of merchandise stolen was estimated at over 20,000 CZK.

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