Czech Man Trades His Pony for a Bottle of Brandy

Several dozen police officers in the Prostějov region have been looking for a Czech senior who went for a walk with his pony and did not return.

The missing person was found later in the evening, lying drunk in a ditch by the road. He told police that he had exchanged the animal for a bottle of plum brandy, which he finished all.

“Due to the health and weather conditions, the police immediately organized a search operation,” said a police spokesman, claiming that police officers from Prostějov were joined by their colleagues from Olomouc, reports.

An hour later, the man was found in a ditch near Chvalkovice, just a few kilometers from his home. The pony was not with him.

“He told the police that he had fallen into the ditch after being dazzled by an oncoming vehicle,” the spokesman added.

Further investigation revealed that the breath test showed 1.8 per mille of alcohol in his body.

Later, the man admitted to the police that he exchanged the animal for a bottle of plum brandy.

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