VIDEO: Czech Journalist Tested the New 1.5 Metres Road Rule, Hit by Bus

From July 2022, drivers will be required to overtake cyclists with an offset of at least 1.5 meters, otherwise they might be fined up to CZK 2,000.

A CNN Prima News reporter decided to check just how feasible the new traffic rule is.

For the experiment, the journalist attached a one-and-a-half meter length banner to his bicycle and drove onto a busy Prague street at morning rush hour.

Almost immediately, a flurry of disgruntled beeps fell upon him, and the bus that went to overtake could not maintain the distance and hit the journalist, which led to his fall.

Fortunately, he escaped injury with only a few bruises.

The new bill was passed by the Chamber of Deputies last Thursday.

The Senate, the upper house of parliament, pushed through a reduction of the maximum fine to one-fifth of the sum originally approved by the Chamber, and a postponement of the law’s validity by six months until next summer.



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