Czech Guy Claims to Find Old Russian Missile in a Server Room

A photo of an old Russian missile in a server room just caused a massive Reddit freak out. 

Redditor WhySoSadCZ posted a photo of “some kind of explosive lying on the floor” on Monday in the subreddit r/WhatisThisThing. They claimed that they were working on the air conditioning for a small office building in the Czech Republic when they found a whole missile in the office’s server room. They claimed that the server room was untouched for two months and that they had to break in to fix the AC.

In the final update, they say that they got their phone back after going through a police investigation. The Redditor claims that the local bomb squad wasn’t authorized to work with the missile, so it was taken to a “nearby military area” where it would be detonated. u/WhySoSadCZ said they didn’t have any information about how the missile ended up in a locked server room for two months, but that “there is a strict embargo about it.” 

The local news in the Czech Republic even covered the story — and said it was fake. According to, the police spokesperson for the Czech Presidency claims that there was no bomb squad-led detonation. “We do not know anything about this description at this moment,” Jozef Bocan, the Czech Presidency spokesperson said in a translated version of the website. 

But that’s a pretty vague statement, and it could be the police department just trying to diffuse the situation or stall the press. 

That’s the beauty of internet mysteries like this one — guessing whether or not it’s real is what makes it fun. 

Reddit didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment. The Czech military also has not responded to requests to confirm or deny that the situation occurred. 

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