Czech Government Relaxes Lockdown as Coronavirus Infections Slow

From tomorrow, Tuesday, April 6th, people will be able to do individual sports outdoor. Running or cycling in the parks and woods will be possible without a face mask, as long as they maintain a distance of two meters from others, and stay in groups with a maximum of two people.

“We are allowing movement of joggers and cyclists without face masks, but only on the understanding that they maintain the psychological distance of two meters from each other. Simply put, if someone is riding their bike in a forest, they do not need a mask. If someone is running in the forest, they do not need a mask. If someone is moving within an urban area where there are more people and where contact could be less than two metres, they should have a mask.”

Deputy Prime Minister Karel Havlíček (ANO) informed about relaxing lockdown measures after Monday’s government meeting.

Waste collection and composting facilities will open from Wednesday.

From Thursday the following stores can reopen: hardware stores, bicycle repair shops, stores selling work clothes, shoes, textiles, prams and baby seats, stationery, hobby markets, and shoe repair shops.

“However, people will have to follow stricter rules,” Havlíček added. “All customers need to keep the two meters of social distance unless they are family members. Shops must provide hand disinfectants, and supermarkets will continue to be required to provide disposable gloves.”

Travel agencies will be able to postpone refunds for all travel until August 31st and issue vouchers of the same value. If people do not use the voucher by August 31st next year, they will be entitled to a full refund of their payment.

The Prague government also plans to carry out test samples of the population this week to gain data on the prevalence of the virus among the general public.

Interior Minister Jan Hamáček said separately that a total ban on leaving the landlocked country, except for commuting workers, could be eased as well after the Easter weekend.

Czech Health Minister Adam Vojtech said the government also will discuss a proposal to allow more small stores to reopen, depending on the development of the epidemic. The Cabinet will decide on the measures later this week.

Worldwide, over 1.25 million people have been reported infected by the viral pandemic and 68,484 have died.

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