Czech Government Intends to Continue Supplying Weapons to Ukraine

The Czech government plans to continue supplying weapons to Ukraine after the decision to provide 4,000 artillery shells as European Truth reported citing Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský.

“I don’t know exactly what form this will take yet, but our government has the political will to help Ukraine withstand this crisis. Part of this effort is aimed at changing the “loss calculations” for Putin so that he decides not to physically attack Ukraine,” the Czech minister said.

According to him, there was no discussion in Czech society about whether to provide shells to Ukraine.

“Of course, people may have different opinions, but there was no political debate at all about supplying weapons to Ukraine. So I’m glad that the Czech Republic has finally joined the club of states that help Ukraine in this way. As you mentioned, not all states do this. But our club is not bad – we are there together with the United States, Britain, Poland, the Baltic States,” the minister said.

The diplomat added that the Czech Republic helps Ukraine because local events affect Central Europe.

“Migration is changing, economic interaction – everything is changing. We are in a close neighborhood with you, so everything that happens in your country matters to us,” the minister said.

As we reported, the Czech government approved the transfer of more than 4,000 artillery shells to Ukraine.


Russia is massing yet more troops near Ukraine and an invasion could come at any time, perhaps before the end of this month’s Winter Olympics, Washington said on Friday.

Moscow, for its part, ramped up its truculent response towards Western diplomacy, saying answers sent this week by the EU and NATO to its security demands showed “disrespect”.

Commercial satellite images published by a private U.S. company showed new Russian military deployments at several locations near Ukraine.

Russia has already massed more than 100,000 troops near Ukraine, and this week it launched joint military exercises in neighbouring Belarus and naval drills in the Black Sea.


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