Czech Firm to Build 3D-Printed Houses, Hospitals, and Schools in Ukraine

A company from the Czech Republic is hoping to use 3D printing to rebuild damaged infrastructure in Ukraine.

ICE Industrial Services is a technology company based in the Moravian town of Žďár nad Sázavou, which focuses on designing and building new automation machines and lines. In recent years, it has also been exploring the possibilities of 3D-printed concrete.

The company has already delivered an anti-tank shelter to the war-hit country and is now discussing ways to build houses, hospitals, and schools.

Digital printing with concrete makes building work faster, offers greater flexibility, and can save about 70% in materials.

“We will try to use this technology to make civil infrastructure defense installations and also for schools or even for bus and tram stations. In the first stage, we intend to build bomb shelters”, said the director of the company Valerii Gruganovski.

“The technology is brought to a special platform, on which a 3D printer is installed together with all the auxiliary devices necessary during the process, which then translates the three-dimensional digital model into reality,” said the engineer of the Czech company, Marec Zloc.

This installation can build a complete off-grid house with several living rooms equipped with solar panels and a central heating system. They can be executed in numerous variations and can be positioned on any terrain.

It is only a matter of time before the first ones using this technology will be built in Ukraine.

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