Turnover of Czech E-Shops Increased to a Record CZK 196 billion in 2020

czech eshop revenues

E-shop revenues in the Czech Republic rose by 26% year-on-year to a record 196 billion CZK in 2020. The share of online rose to over 16% of the total retail sales.

The number of online shops has grown by 3.5% y/y in 2019. Electronics, cosmetics, and clothing represented the largest share of turnover.

“We expect that this year the amount of money spent in e-shops will be slightly higher again,” said Shoptet CEO Miroslav Udan, CNA quoted.

“The 16% share in total retail is a great success because online stores have managed the hectic period well. They showed how comfortable and high-quality services they offer,” says the Association for Electronic Commerce (APEK) Executive Director Jan Vetyška.

“We have seen a sharp increase since March. Nevertheless, the most successful period was again the pre-Christmas period. From October to December, Czechs bought gifts for more than 65 billion CZK online,” adds Vetyška.

Electronics accounted for 37% of last year ́s total online amount, followed by cosmetics with 12%. Women spent more on the Internet than male, buying 60% of goods sold.

“We are seeing a growing trend in online shopping for clothing. Not only large fashion e-shops but also shops selling sports equipment, are playing their role. Online food shopping is also increasing rapidly, which we believe will continue to grow”.

“We estimate that Czech e-commerce will grow in 2021 as well and that we will be overcoming the magical limit of 200 billion CZK in turnover,” predicts the CEO of APEK.


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