Today is the Czech Day Against Cancer

If you see people in yellow T-shirts selling artificial yellow flowers with a blue ribbon, it is to raise money for cancer prevention.

Over 14,500 volunteers will be in about 1,200 cities and towns across the Czech Republic as part of the Czech Day Against Cancer. The minimum contribution is Kč 20, but people can give more if they want to.

The project is organized by the League Against Cancer (Ligy proti rakovině) and is taking place for the 26th time. In Prague, there is also a tent on Wenceslas Square open until 7 pm that will be giving out information.

This year, the collection is focused on the prevention of cervical and testicular tumours, aiming to raise awareness among the general public through information.

Areas affected by head and neck tumors, or ear, nose and throat (ENT) tumors, include the upper respiratory tract, throat, salivary glands, skin, blood vessels, nerves and other tissues. Men are affected three times more often than women.

While the cancers in those areas are not very common, they can be prevented. Michaela Fridrichová, the chairwoman of the League Against Cancer, says that not smoking, limiting drinking and good oral hygiene can go a long was toward preventing many head and neck tumors.

Along with the yellow flower, people will also receive a pamphlet with information on preventing ENT cancers. Some 900,000 leaflets have been printed.

Money raised will go toward the LPR’s three long-term programs aimed at reducing cancer mortality in the Czech Republic and also improving the life of patients.

You can also contribute by purchasing an e-flower in the form of DMS KVET 30, DMS KVET 60, DMS KVET 90 at the telephone number: 87 777. Members of the public wishing to help out more actively can contribute by becoming a collection volunteer.

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