Czech Crowdfunding Campaign Raises CZK 670 Million for Weapons for Ukraine

A crowdfunding campaign aiming to raise money for weapons for Ukraine has raised over CZK 670 million from more than 100,000 supporters since it was launched last month, according to the Czech Ministry of Defense.

The campaign is coordinated by the Czech government with the money going to the Embassy of Ukraine in Prague.

The proceeds are being used to buy weapons and other military supplies that Ukraine needs to defend itself from the Russian invasion, according to a statement from the Czech Ministry of Defence.

The Czech government said it has made available CZK 413 million worth of military supplies that can be purchased with the money from the crowdfunding campaign.

“Arms, military equipment and ammunitions urgently needed by the Ukrainian military and the Territorial Defense Force to fill depleted stockpiles are part of the offer,” the ministry said.

“Heavy military systems and ammunitions of ‘Eastern’ design are under consideration for delivery to Ukraine as well.

The Ministry of Defence has already sent about CZK 750 million worth of military aid to Ukraine, which is resisting Russian aggression, including ammunition, machine guns and anti-aircraft missiles.

Czech legislators are also finalizing a bill to give Ukraine refugees 5,000 Czech crowns a month for up to six months, means-tested after the first payment. The law would also grant those with refugee visas the right to work.

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