Czech Covid-19 Cases Are the Lowest Since Early July

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On Saturday, tests in the Czech Republic revealed 74 cases of Covid-19, which was the lowest increase for the day since July 11.

However, weekend numbers tend to be lower due to less testing intensity. There are less than 14 cases per 100,000 inhabitants over the past seven days.

Since the beginning of March last year, the ministry has registered more than 1.66 million cases. So far, 30,225 people died of Covid related complications.

The mitigation of the epidemic shows a decrease in the incidence number in the most affected districts in the south and west of Bohemia. In Český Krumlov region, the number of newly confirmed Covid cases per week per 100,000 population decreased to 57.

The seven-day incidence number also decreased in the České Budějovice region from 51 to 47, in the Prachatice region from 35 to 34, and in the Klatovy region from 41 to 38.

49,416 people received the first dose of the vaccine on Saturday. Almost 6.5 million doses have been given so far.

The epidemiological situation is likely to worsen in autumn

“There are four scenarios of possible development of the COVID-19 epidemic and the epidemiological situation in the Czech Republic is likely to worsen in the autumn, though hospitals may not be burdened anymore”, epidemiologist Rastislav Madar said in an expert debate today.

The reproduction number R, standing for the people infected by one positive person, is likely to rise. However, soft measures would suffice to control the development, Madar said during a discussion of representatives of the hotel and gastronomy branches.

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