Czech Confectioneries and Treats You Must Try

Cakes, treats, desserts. Chocolate, cream, coffee, nuts. You can have all of that and more when travelling around the Czech Republic. We are introducing confectioneries that are worth a visit. Some offer a very original service; others have brought traditional sweet recipes to perfection.

Werich Villa by IF at Kampa in Prague

A great café and confectionery in the very centre of Prague and yet in a park. This is Werich Villa on the Prague island of Kampa, only a few steps from the Charles Bridge. The café is managed by Iveta Fabešová, a great confectioner, well-known in the Czech social media. And what makes this confectionery famous?

They currently serve desserts such as the Golden Egg or Lemon. The treats look exactly how they sound. But you can also try typical Czech desserts, such as the caramel cream puff or brandy-filled “špička.” Expect perfectly shaped desserts and quality ingredients.

Cukrář Skála in Prague

They call themselves a dessert factory. But do not worry, this is not a place of mass production. Only fresh basic ingredients and the skilful hands of confectioners. Skála’s desserts might have a modern look, but they are inspired by both century-old Czech recipes and the latest trends in confectionery. You can have original eclairs, crullers and cream puffs, or “indiánek.”

The shops can be found in the Šporkovský Palace by the Municipal House, in Dlouhá Street and Spálená Street. Their e-shop is also available in English, which is quite unusual for a confectionery. You can feast your eyes on the works of art before they melt on your tongue.

Myšák Confectionery in Prague

This typical Czech confectionery can be found near St. Wenceslas Square. The confectionery welcomed its first guests in 1911 and it quickly won the hearts of all the Prague residents. The confectionery even supplied desserts to the Prague Castle and the President’s office. After the war, the confectionery did not well but a few years ago, a group of enthusiasts managed to restore the century-old roots and bring the confectionery from the ashes.

Today, they bake all their desserts, pastries and make all the treats there. For over a century, the confectionery has been known for its popular sundae with vanilla ice-cream, caramel, whipped cream and brittle. Taste the flavours that have lived through the entire twentieth century!

Epifany Patisserie in Pardubice

Outside Prague, confectioneries have also experienced a boom in East Bohemia in Pardubice and in the small village of Zaječice near Chrudim. These two Epifany patisserie shops belong to an excellent confectioner, Jana Novotná, and they are always busy, even though they have been open only for a few years. Expect a queue especially in summer as there are no reservations. The Pardubice shop can be found in the Gočár automatic mill area, an industrial monument.

The name of Epifany fits the place perfectly: when you taste a dessert from this confectionery, you will understand what quality chocolate, pistachios, nuts, desserts or ice-cream should taste like, without sugar being the main ingredient. The local desserts are just sweet enough to let the flavours of the other ingredients stand out. Besides ice-cream, you can also taste dozens of desserts, such as the cream puff, which is the most typical one, or chocolate cakes made of their own chocolate.

Cafe 8smička in Vysočina

The 8smička art zone in Humpolec in Vysočina is also popular with those who love good coffee and desserts. The centre includes the art Cafe 8smička. Every day, they bake fresh sourdough breadnut, rye, spelt or with seeds, as well as savoury baked goods, such as buns, baguettes or ciabatta.

You can have a sweet cake, savoury quiche, and coffee by Ala Coffee, a Czech family-owned coffee roasting shop. Simply said, 8smička is an ideal place if you want to see an interesting exhibition or just have something good when travelling along D1 between Prague and Brno.

Sorry, pečeme jinak (Sorry, We Bake Differently) in Brno

Brno is a mecca of coffee culture in the Czech Republic. And coffee goes hand in hand with confectioneries and other places where you can have something little and sweet. But why not try something original! Such as the moss cake at Sorry, We Bake Differently in the city centre.

The cake that resembles a moss garden is made of a moist spinach-pistachio base and homemade cheese cream and strawberry jam, decorated with fruit and real crickets farmed for human consumption. If you don’t feel like having the Be Moss cake, try another one, such as Be Ash or the Be a Beast chocolate cake. There is no shortage of original cakes there!

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