Czech Company Just Unveiled An Electric Car That Looks… Retro!

MW is a Czech firm located an hour’s drive southwest of Prague that, this week, unveiled what it said on its website was, “Not a concept.” The car, they insist, is “real.” It’s an electric called the Luka EV.

MW announced the car with a YouTube video posted on Monday. MW says it’s, “the first production car to use in-wheel hub motors.”

MW—slogan “We challenge the norm”—also says on its website that the car will have a motor on each wheel making 66 horsepower. It also says the range will be 300 kilometers, or around 186 miles. The top speed is 90 mph. It goes zero to 60 in 9.6 seconds.

The Luka EV seats two and is built on an aluminum frame, with composite materials used for the body. Power comes from four electric motors, which are positioned in each wheel hub. 

MW says development is ongoing so figures may differ once production starts. The company is in the process of having the car independently certified and crash tested and will reveal further details as development continues.

The best part? MW estimates a starting price of 750,000 CZK.

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