Czech Companies to Repair Damaged Ukrainian Tanks

Czech defence companies will repair Ukrainian tanks and other military vehicles that have been damaged in fighting or need servicing after long-term storage, the Czech Defence Ministry said on Tuesday.

The Czech Republic has been among the most active countries in supporting the Ukrainian military with donations and sales of weapons and ammunition, including shipments of Soviet-era tanks, multiple rocket launchers, howitzers, infantry fighting vehicles, and anti-aircraft weapons.

“Small faults or fighting damage will be repaired by the Ukrainian army’s and Ukrainian defence industry’s own efforts,” the ministry said.

“Czech assistance will utilize the capacities of Czech defence industry companies for more extensive works, including overhauls and bringing equipment in long-term storage to service.”

The first contract will include repairs of an unspecified number of Soviet-era T-64 tanks, it said.

It said the T-64 tanks would be repaired at privately held arms trading and production firm CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP, which is also one of the sources of equipment sent to Ukraine.

The repairs will be done at Czech firms’ facilities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the ministry said.

Ukraine has repeatedly called on the West to supply heavy equipment and ammunition to help it resist the Russian assault.

Russia attacked Ukraine in February in what it calls a special operation to demilitarise the country.

Western countries and Ukraine accuse Russian President Vladimir Putin of unprovoked aggression.

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