Czech Companies Already Employed 7,400 Refugees From Ukraine

The Czech Republic is beginning to absorb the refugee crisis.

The data of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs show that companies have already employed over 7,400 Ukrainian refugees.

According to the ministry, people fleeing the Russian aggression most often started as assembly workers, warehouse workers, helpers in production or transport, cleaning and food production.

The Czech Republic has granted over 226,000 special visas to refugees fleeing Russia’s war on Ukraine, according to newly released data by the Interior Ministry.

The migration police on Thursday reported over 122,000 registered refugees, with nearly 53,000 of that number in Prague.

The overall number of Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic is estimated to be nearly 300,000. Almost 50 percent of them are children, and four-fifths of the adults are women.

Czechs who offer to accommodate refugees in their own homes or vacant apartments will receive a contribution of 3,000 crowns per person per month to cover costs, the Czech government announced on Wednesday.

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