Czech Christmas Gift Guide: Shop Local This Year


Christmas is just around the corner and if you still didn’t manage to buy a gift for your loved ones here I come with a few handful tips for you. Forget fast fashion chains this year (or every year) and try to shop locally.

In the current crisis, many have committed to keeping their gift money in their domestic economy. Shopping in local or small businesses can really help local businesses survive a difficult year, having many unfortunately being affected by an almost fatal kick in the second wave of a pandemic.

Many small businesses hope that Christmas shopping for customers will help them stay afloat in this challenging year and allow them to offer quality local products or services in the future.

It is easier to shop on large shopping aggregate platforms, but this year we should go to our Christmas shopping differently than ever and think hard about what gift our loved ones will really appreciate, but also where it was made and to whom we give our money.

Book Therapy

The most beautiful selection of books in one place for any book lover. You cannot go wrong with any book you pick, from design, architecture, cooking, fashion, etc. Book therapy has it all.


The very first Czech niche perfume house Pigmentarium offers four unique scents that blow your nose away. Surprise your partner with an unconventional bomb of scents.

Ecce Vita

Ecce Vita focuses on the import of special functional herbal supplements, food, and cosmetics of organic quality. Their main focus is on producing their own products based on their own recipes.


From luxury sheet sets to spa-like towels and bathrobes, LeJaan can make a great gift. All products are made of high-quality cotton and forté.


For every wine lover, Winegeek is a destination to buy a liquid gift. A wide selection of Czech natural wines also available to buy as a six-pack (variation of six wines) which makes a great gift for any wineholic.

Perfumed Prague Candles

You can’t ever go wrong with a candle especially one from Perfumed Prague studio. Choose from soy candles in several sizes, soy wax melts, and interior perfumes.

27 jewelry

Carefully design jewelry by Lenka Kerlická which family has a long jewelry tradition. Jewelry comes out of a fusion of different materials and will make a special gift for any woman.

PBG bags

Prague studio focused on the production of minimalist and practical backpacks, handbags, and fashion accessories. The most popular is their belt bags available in numerous colors.


 For all skincare lovers, Onest is a great choice! All products are made of natural high-quality ingredients and small batches. Onest products are made by people who care about the quality and your skin will feel it.

Bonus tips:

In August Company

Tonak hats


Noos Concept



What are your local gift tips?

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